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The Environment and Our Health. Medika’s Open Call for Articles from Stakeholders

Medika Life partners with FINN Partners to raise Environmental Health awareness

For August of 2021, Medika Life will be focusing on our environment, specifically with regard to how it impacts our health. Kindly supported by Finn Partners, we are inviting your submissions on EcoHealth.

There are myriad diseases that are currently linked to the impact of environmental toxins, but it doesn’t end there. There are more important long-term issues that will only grow progressively more challenging in the coming decades. These exist alongside the toxic climate we have created for our health. Issues like access to clean potable water, population density, plastics, and a host of other challenges.

Alongside these issues, racial disparities in health and society disproportionately shift the outcome of these pollutants and challenges onto the shoulders of racial minorities. Wealth acts as insulation, allowing access to superior levels of care, organic foods, and healthy lifestyle choices, including the ability to locate your family to areas where pollutants are less dense.

Poorer communities are however locked into a narrow band of choices, none of which are beneficial to their health.

These issues must be addressed. We can no longer afford to ignore them as chronic disease becomes our new normal. We believe that this is where the real challenge to our societal and global health will lie in the coming years. We also believe we’ve passed a tipping point and only desperate and immediate action will enable us to claw back a vestige of the damage we have inflicted, both to our home and ourselves.

If like us, you have concerns or would like to raise awareness, share a passionate and well-researched point of view on diseases and the environment, or other relevant environmental issues, then we would love to provide an audience for your thoughts. We’re also really big on solutions, which are in short supply, and FINN Partners is offering an added incentive to the best article we receive.

Our appreciation to frequent Medika Life contributor Gil Bashe, FINN Partners, Global Health Chair, and colleague Bob Martineau, JD, Senior Partner, Environmental and Sustainability, for their articles, commitment to EcoHealth, and support for this new editorial section.

A word from FINN Partners

For decades we have thought, written, and studied how environmental conditions and social determinants influence public health. Now as fires rage across the Pacific Northwest United States and floodwaters rise in Central Europe we see how environmental sustainability impacts human survival across developing and developed nations. 

Environmental health links directly to global public health. Medika Life has been serving as an editorial meeting ground for health professionals across the spectrum to explore how health is central to all human progress and continuity. 

Medika Life’s editors determined we will champion greater editorial discussion with a new section dedicated to EcoHealth. To encourage editorial submission, Medika Life and FINN Partners will honor an outstanding editorial contribution with a $500 donation made in the author’s honor to a global non-profit dedicated to environmental public health. 


If you are active on Medium, please submit a draft of your work to Medika’s publication on Medium, BeingWell. If you’re not already a contributing author, please reach out to BeingWell’s EIC, Dr Jeff Livingston who will happily assist you in the process.

You can email Jeff at or reach out to our other editors, Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa, Lisa Bradburn or Dr. Patricia Farrell.

If your article is one of those selected it will be published immediately on Medika Life and scheduled for subsequent publication on BeingWell. We will set up a dedicated author profile for you or your organization on the Medika site and you can submit additional material at your convenience.

Please note that as Medika caters to medical and health professionals, we will only consider materials from appropriately qualified authors and stakeholders. If you have questions or pitches you’d like to discuss, you can contact Medika’s EIC, Robert Turner, or reach out via email to

If you are not on Medium, you can submit articles directly to Robert on the email above. Please submit attachments in Word format or you are welcome to provide a link to a shared Google document.

The winning article will be selected by an editorial team from both Medika Life and Finn Partners and will be announced on the 31st of August, 2021. The relevant author will be notified by email and the article will be extensively advertised across social media. 

All rights are retained by authors on materials published to Medika Life.

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