Philippines Food Aid Project

A feeding program for children affected by Tropical Cyclone Rolly

This project is now closed. To see how much your aid helped the typhoon-affected families in our area, check the project page. Thank you again to all the fantastic people who helped us realize this.

For the month of November, Medika has created an emergency food relief project in the Philippines to assist starving children. Any donation, no matter how small, is going to help feed a child in the typhoon-ravaged area of southern Luzon in the Philippines. It’s a desperate situation with over 700 000 children at risk of hunger and disease.

Medika has staff members on the ground in the Philippines that will administer and oversee the distribution of aid in person, ensuring that the food reaches those most in need and where it can be best put to use. Our focus is the children, feeding them and providing formula for infants that may have lost a mother or who cannot be breastfed.

Your help is immensely appreciated and even $10 will buy four children food for five days, so even a small amount can make a difference. Your details will be added to a mailing list and an email will be sent out to notify our donors of progress and a link provided to the Project page where you can follow our progress and meet some of the children and families your contribution will help feed.

This is not a long term project, but rather a short, rapid, and targetted deployment of aid in a focused area where many are beyond the reach of help. Ongoing Covid lockdowns have further complicated relief efforts. Should you want to engage more closely with the project or contribute in any other way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

The link below will take you to Medika’s Stripe Account and your donation will be securely processed. We will need your details as we’d like to say thank you, and also reference your kindness on the project page.

Instructions: The button below will take you to the Medika Checkout powered by Stripe. You can type in an amount to donate in the right hand column and simply click the Make a Donation button. The page will refresh and your amount will be added to your order which is displayed below your requested info. A heartfelt thank you from both Medika and the children for your patronage.


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