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Easy-to-use Covid-19 Antigen Test Gets FDA Emergency Use Authorization

Abbott's BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card is a rapid, reliable, highly portable, and affordable tool for detecting active coronavirus infections at massive scale

Study Reveals Networks of Genes Involved in Congenital Heart Disease

Over two million babies, children, and adults in the United States are living with congenital heart disease—a range of birth defects affecting the heart's structure or function

FDA Approves THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® SF Ablation Catheter

The CARTO® 3 System and THERMOCOOL SMARTTOUCH® SF Catheter allow for a patient-tailored ablation approach, resulting in high long-term effectiveness in persistent atrial fibrillation patients

The 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy 2022 Awards

Today the Pharmacy Podcast Network announces the winners of the 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy 2023 Awards.