A Thanksgiving Meditation Of Gratitude

A tool for therapists and coaches to inspire appreciation with clients

Thanksgiving season inspires us to focus on what we have to be grateful for. Canada celebrates in mid-October, and the United States is later, toward the end of November. For coaches, therapists, meditators, and mindfulness practitioners who seek to inspire clients to appreciate what has been given, I created a special Thanksgiving meditation of gratitude centered on the five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Fall Maple Leaf On Water | Image By Lisa Bradburn


The following verbiage is an instruction you can paraphrase with clients:

In light of Thanksgiving, let’s use the sensation of gratitude for our meditation. The goal of the gratitude meditation is to focus on the contact between your mind and body with a renewed sense of acknowledgment for the majesty and abundance the time of Thanksgiving provides.

We will spend 5 minutes acknowledging our appreciation, followed by three minutes of silence. The words spoken are secular; however, if you wish to connect to a personal religious practice or faith, you are welcome to do so.

First, get comfortable. I suggest sitting in a relaxed position, either in a child’s pose, cross-legged, or lie down on your back on top of your yoga mat.

Close your eyes. Direct your palms toward the sky and feel your body settle. Notice what parts of your body are awake and other areas of your body emerging into the field. Draw your attention to the tip of your toes, give them a slight wiggle. And in slow measure, make your way to your inner thigh, the slight curve of your lower back. Feel the slow and steady draw of your breath in and out, notice the beat of your heart and finally, focus on the crown of your head.

As you listen to the words of gratitude, notice what visualizations come into your mind. Let them emerge one by one, fade in and fade out. Continue to check in with your body and explore how new sensations arise and fall away. Let us begin.

Old Country Lane With Fall Leaves | Image By Lisa Bradburn

< Short pause of silence>

In gratitude, I am full
of love and joy
for the splendor
And abundance
of Thanksgiving.

Much has been given
in time of harvest
to receive
from natures breast
and nourish
my body and spirit

Sight (Vision)
In gratitude, I see
empty sky
of golden turquoise.
The leaves turn
of burgundy
and yellow sugar maples

In gratitude, I see
deer grazing
upon fall wheat.
Of farmers
planting onions and cabbage
knowing the rhythm of the earth

Hearing (Auditory)
In gratitude, I hear
the call of migratory birds,
their symmetric V-shaped flight formation.
Of geese seeking the south
and at dusk
the whimper of the wolf

In gratitude, I hear
bees retreating into their hive.
The snarl of the wind
moaning against shoreline boats.
The sound of trees bending,
reverberating through the forest

Smell (Olfactory)
In gratitude, I smell
decomposing leaves.
The great northern pine,
apple pie served piping,
goblets of fermented grapes
and lush damp earth

In gratitude, I smell
the waft of baked pumpkin seeds
and burnt sugar crisp,
the last lingering load
of laundry strewn on the line
and the scent of wool sweaters

Taste (Gustatory)
In gratitude, I taste
the bounty and gifts from nature,
of aromatic cider,
minced meat tarts,
and cranberry crusted delight.
A hint of oak, malt, and spice.

In gratitude, I taste
delights from natures garden,
the sharpness of the brussel sprout
and creamed butternut squash.
Of roasted root vegetables
and the snap of the parsnip.

Touch (Tactile)
In gratitude, I touch
chords of wood,
tossed into the fire
and run fingers along
the noble oak leaf
pressed and immortalized in a book.

In gratitude, I touch
the woolly bear caterpillar
and wonder what of winter will appear?
Of plucking the pine cone
and scattering seeds for squirrels
Who stores for chilled nights.

All of this and more
my senses explore
the mystery of autumn.
An unforgiveness of passing
to lie dormant and sleep
with knowledge of renewal.

In gratitude, I express
my deepest appreciation
of bounty from fields and forests,
knowing I am a part of
the cycle, giving back
what abundance
has been given to me.

We will now enter 3 minutes of silence. Consider how you express gratitude through your mind, body, and spirit.

< 3 minutes of silence >

It is time to awaken. Slowly open your eyes and come to recognize where you are in the here and now. Observe your environment. Take a moment, and when you are ready, please join me sitting up.


If you feel comfortable, I welcome you to share your experience.

Thank you for your presence. I am honored you made meditation a part of your daily practice. May you move into your <insert time of day> with a renewed sense of Thanksgiving and appreciation.


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Lisa Bradburn
Lisa Bradburn
Lisa is a student of Gestalt Psychotherapy in her third year of five. Spanning a twenty-year career, she has worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups coaching technology teams to be empowered, accountable, and purpose-driven. Lisa is naturally drawn to themes close to her heart; leadership, socialization, adoption, and conflict resolution. Today she lives at Rice Lake in the beautiful Kawartha area of Southern Ontario, Canada, with her German Jagd-Terrier dog Astor.


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Lisa currently studies Gestalt psychotherapy and is entering her third year of five. She works for Fortune 500 corporations and coaches technology teams to be empowered, accountable, and purpose-driven. Lisa is naturally drawn to themes close to her heart; tech addictions, adoption, socialization, conflict resolution.

Lisa is also a part of the Medika Life family. She is an assistant editor with Medika, offering invaluable assistance with Medika's social media platforms and the editorial process for BeingWell, our Medium publication. Connect with Lisa and follow her below.


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