Wednesday, January 27, 2021

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Create a Table of Contents

Use the Publishers Suite toolset to add a Table of Contents to your article in a few clicks. Master the use of H2 and H3 headers.

Citations and References

Learn how to add citations and references to your articles using Medika's Reference tools. Import published material references with a single click.

Restoring and Backups

You can restore older versions of your article. Medika stores every change you've made to your articles and you can restore these versions quickly and easily.

Embedding Audio and Video

Add audio and video to your articles. Embedding video is quick and easy and Medika offers built in conversion for placing audio into your articles.

How to Use Tags and Categories

Adding Tags to your article and assigning categories. Understand how Medika features and promotes articles based on category and tag selection.

Layout Tools for Adding Data

Understanding how to use the MPS to add embed data to your articles. Spreadsheets, graphs and tables discussed in detail.

Using Images in Articles

Image selection, embedding Images, attribution and and finding royalty free images to use in your articles

Mastering the MPS Editor

Familiarize yourself with the editors controls and features in a few simple steps. Master Basic tools and functionality quickly and easily.

Creating Your First Article

Get started with your first article, adding titles and getting the hang of the basic functionality for creating new documents.

Getting to Grips With MPS

What is The Medika Publishers Suite and how can you use it to publish your articles - an overview of functionality and features