Friday, January 22, 2021

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5 Benefits of Virtual Counselling

In this Covid-19 pandemic, there is increasing popularity in regards to teletherapy, also known as virtual counselling

Meet the Author: Davina Tiwari, MSW RSW

Meet Davina Tiwari. Read her author interview on Medika Life and get to know this Medical Professional behind the articles.

Adjusting to a New Physical Disability

it’s clearly an extremely difficult process to adjust to having a physical disability. Learning how to adjust can take quite some time and is not a straightforward path

Working in Healthcare During COVID-19? Tips for Reducing Burnout and Overwhelm

Healthcare professionals during the pandemic are in the most challenging and riskiest jobs in these times. Frontline workers provide essential services to help patients and clients remain healthy while trying to stay well themselves.

Virtual Counselling Strategies in the Health and Social Service Sectors

For many clinicians, service providers, therapists, and counselors, virtual counselling and care is a new venture that takes quite a bit of adjusting to - especially if technology has not been a strong skill set in your toolbox.

Potential Health Expenses for Canadians to Consider With Aging

Do you already have an existing health issue? Are you impacted currently by a chronic illness or disability? What has your healthcare team advised you to plan for as you age?

Thinking About Making a Career Move or Job Change?

A career move or job change is never easy. Lots of thoughts, factors, and pros/cons go into a decision as important as this one. Sometimes it helps to ask yourself a few key questions to decide whether or not to make that first move.

7 Signs of Compassion Fatigue and 7 Strategies to Deal With It

Compassion fatigue is a type of secondary stress that healthcare workers can experience as a result of assisting others who have an acute health issue, chronic illness, or disability

10 Coping Strategies to Help You Deal With Chronic Pain

While there is no miracle drug or solution that can take away your pain completely, there are some strategies that you can explore that may help you cope with chronic pain in your daily life.

Key Tips for Starting a New Social Work Private Practice

Some ideas to consider and reflect on as you explore starting your own Social Work private practice. Consult with professionals as needed while you move forward in your journey