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About Medika Life

Find out what we do and why we do it

Who we are, is not as important as what we are. One of our driving passions is an unshakeable belief in community, our medical community, and the amazing, talented and diverse group of people that populate it. We exist to serve and empower these voices from within this global health village. Voices that strive to improve healthcare and the lot of the patient.

We do this by amplifying their voices, drawing attention to their businesses, campaigns, crusades, and, occasionally, their plights. We use one key determinant. Patient outcomes. This is what drives ethical healthcare and the individuals who place the importance of patient’s health at the forefront of their endeavors can count on us for support.

This forward-looking, patient-centered approach fuels much of the new medical and technical innovation occurring right now in healthcare across the globe. Applying the power of social media and the internet to networked groups of individuals across various sectors of healthcare is changing the face of medicine. We are proud to be involved in a pivotal moment in healthcare’s evolution and privileged to be able to showcase what we consider to be, the best side of humanity.

Motivated individuals, functioning cohesively with one singular goal. The provision of accessible and equitable healthcare as a fundamental global right. It is ambitious and overdue and we have no doubt that the voices echoing now through healthcare have the focus, desire, and innovative mindsets to deliver. #change is coming, shout it from the hilltops. We do.


MOBILIZE™ Health is the non-profit component of Medika Life. It addresses topical and pressing health-related issues within the industry and considers the social effects on the societies it impacts as a key determinant in the projects it creates. On occasion, we will step outside of these bounds to deliver help to communities, simply for the fact that we can. You can see an example of a recent aid project in the Philippines here.

We believe in the importance of small positive community-driven actions and how these can filter down to the affected societies. Everyone’s voice matters and where we can, we strive to improve our world, for the sake of the patients we serve and for a better future.

Our Founders

Medika Life was founded in early 2020 by two friends, Jeff Livingston, MD, and Robert Turner. They share many of the same values and are driven to providing clear, informative, ethical and accurate medical and health-related information to the public. A large part of this is countering fake news and misinformation, and Medika dedicates considerable resources to outing quacks and health charlatans that pose a risk to public health.

This digital publication is dedicated to an eclectic mix of general health and disease information, industry news and opinion, influencers, and industry-related press releases. The majority of the medical articles are prepared by qualified medical professionals, most experts in their chosen fields. Whether you’re interested in or affected by healthcare, Medika offers something for everyone, patient and professional alike, and provides a forum for open transparent debate on key issues affecting healthcare.

Jeff lives and works out Irving, Texas in the US as an OBGYN and is CEO of the medical group, Macarthur Medical Center. Jeff is EIC of BeingWell, Medika’s Medium publication.You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter or via email at

Robert lives between London and the Philippines. He is Medika’s EIC. a published author with deep routes in the medical community and founder of Cre8tive Digital Media. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter or via email at

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