Are You Feeding Your Prostate Cancer?

This Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Prostate Oncology Specialists urges men to be mindful of what they’re consuming.

Date of Release: Sept. 21, 2020

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — While this September may feel different than years past, it is just as important to stay connected and proactive with your prostate health. This year, Prostate Oncology Specialists encourages men to focus on their prostate health by improving their diet and consuming updated, accurate information.     

Men with prostate cancer need the right diet and a consistent exercise routine to help them manage their weight. Studies show that overweight men often have worse prostate cancer outcomes, including higher mortality rates and more advanced prostate cancer. But what type of diet is best for men with prostate cancer? Advanced imaging studies show that prostate cancer feeds on proteins and amino acids, both components of animal products. A plant-based diet will help men starve their prostate cancer and stay proactive in their prostate health.  

Beyond proteins and fats, prostate cancer also feeds on fear and misinformation. Many men base treatment decisions in fear instead of fact. Rushing into a treatment decision and relying only on partial information may lead to irreversible side effects and regret. Patient empowerment is the key to better outcomes. This September, listen to the PROSTATE PROS podcast feed and empower yourself with your prostate cancer options. Explore topics like: Are supplements really worth it? Can drugs from other cancers be helpful for men with prostate cancer? Should you check out genetic testing?

Dr. Mark Scholz, Medical Director of Prostate Oncology Specialists, says: “Prostate Cancer Awareness Month provides a unique opportunity to engage in conversation. A lot of patient education happens inside a doctor’s office, but with office visits being postponed during the pandemic, many men are missing out on important and updated information about prostate cancer screening and treatment options. Creating content and connecting with community that extend outside of the office walls are crucial for continued patient education and empowerment.” 

Now in its second season, PROSTATE PROS is a convenient way to get updated, non-biased information between appointments and stay connected to prostate news while social distancing. Make informed decisions about your health on your own schedule.    

Episodes are released the first Monday of each month and are 15-20 minutes in length. Explore PROSTATE PROS at and listen on Apple PodcastsSoundCloud, or Google Podcasts.

Join the conversation and help spread the word about screening and treatment options. Follow Prostate Oncology Specialists on twitter @keepprostate or email PROSTATE PROS at

SOURCE Prostate Oncology Specialists


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