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Heather Jauquet
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Heather Jauquet holds a Masters of Science from Johns Hopkins University as Reading Specialist. She shares her experience as a breast cancer patient.
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Reading Specialist K-12, Breast Cancer Patient
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Johns Hopkins University
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I am a current breast cancer patient. I am familiar with HER2+ breast cancer and the use of taxol, abraxane, Herceptin, radiation, tamoxifen, and fareston to treat my condition. I want to share information with other women who are going through breast cancer treatment. I belong to a group of women who are both runners and breast cancer patients/survivors. It's important to share the narrative of our shared experiences.
Cancer Diaries
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Everything in life can be considered a marathon: motherhood, career, life. You name it, it’s probably a marathon. Cancer is a freaking marathon of the worst kind because it’s going to be years before you’ll see the finish line.

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