Account Validation

Why Validation matters for your account

Building Patient Trust Online

Building Trust is a crucial part of developing the Doctor / Patient relationship. Medika assists our Healthcare professionals by offering you access to credential verification for your account. To avail of this free service, follow the steps outlined below.

Our Mark of Trust for the Public

With so much advice so freely available online, you need to exercise caution when browsing for medical advice. A Validated Profile on Medika ensures you that the relevant doctor's qualifications have been vetted and our Validation team. You can browse a list of these doctors here.

Our Free Verification Process

Complete your Medika Pro membership registration and check the box for Medika to validate your account. If you have an existing account simply message us via our support page and request validation for your account.

Ensure the information you’ve entered on the Medika site corresponds with your official certification

Wait for an email from Medika’s Validation Team, (usually within 12 hours) and attach a scan or photo of your certification or relevant documentation. The email will contain details of acceptable documentation.

Wait a few hours and we’ll notify you when the process is completed. Your account will now reflect the following message. STATUS: VERIFIED

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