Download your 2023 Top30 Wellness Influencer Certificate

Each person selected for this list has a specially prepared certificate below. We decided to add these as a way of saying thank you for the effort you put into your work in the healthcare sphere. It's worth shouting about from the rooftops, so these banners should help. Instuctions on how to add your banner are shown below.

  • Scroll down till you find the graphic with your name on.
  • The banners are in alphabetic order, based on first name.
  • Right click on the graphic and save it to your desktop
  • You can now use this image on your website, blog or social media.
  • TIP: To ensure the image stays legible, if you resize it, ensure you maintain the proportions

To offer validation on the graphic, simply link it to the Top 30 List. You can copy the article address which is and link it to the image or place the link below the image.

If you get stuck, please feel free to reach out to for a little technical assistance.