Monday, April 12, 2021


Pharma News




First Drug Synthesized by AI Goes into Clinical Trials

If all goes well, thanks to artificial intelligence, we may soon have a new AI-synthesized drug capable of assisting OCD patients in managing their symptoms and thus leading normal lives.

Drugs are Rapidly Becoming Healthcare’s Greatest Burden

Drugs have become our fallback for almost everything. Practitioners in general are massively guilty of doling them out as a panacea for socially compromised adults. Adults that possess no life skills or coping mechanisms are simply drugged into oblivion.

Drug Shortages During the Time of Coronavirus

An astonishing 82% of drug shortages are listed as reason unknown. The other causes include manufacturing, discontinuation, raw materials, and supply and demand.

Trials Validate Cognition Improvement Using PrimeMyBody Hemp Extract

Clinical brain mapping screenings of former NFL players who suffer from cognitive deficits provide supportive data that PrimeMyBody's FOCUS Mind & Body Hemp Extract improved brain performance for 80 percent of screening participants