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Staff Shortages. Baptist Health Highlights a Growing Issue in Healthcare

Baptist Health Systems in San Antonio is adopting a new strategy to attract healthcare workers. Upfront bonuses of up to 20K indicate the extent of a staffing issue healthcare faces

India Questions New Dehli’s Changes to National Vaccination Program

India has just made radical changes to its national vaccine strategy that will lead to widespread vaccine discrimination and inequality, price gouging and a bidding war between states

Jeff Livingston, MD, on the Digital Healthcare Equation

Read more about Jeff Livingston's experiences with digital health and technology in his day to day practice. Part of the Digital Healthcare Equation Series

How Geert Vanden Bossche is Destroying American Herd Immunity

Geert Vanden Bossche presents a real and present danger to America's covid vaccination program. Data shows the growing reach and influence he enjoys in the US and Canada