Monday, April 12, 2021


Therapies and Therapists




Psychotherapy’s Got an Unpleasant Image Problem

Our foibles make us who we are, and perfection may not be what we want or need. What we want is to be understood, accepted, and helped when we need help.

Life Coaches, Let’s Talk About Credentials

I am fascinated to see what certifications support their career endeavor. 90% of the profiles I have come across lately have limited to no education or experience.

Record Numbers of Californians Die From COVID-19, Surgeon General Promotes Yoga and Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences

When evidence faces off against the power of celebrity status and charisma, the evidence is left lying face down in the street. That becomes particularly important to take into account during a pandemic in which people are dying from misinformation.

Beware the Strike of an “Evil” Therapist

If someone, with a predilection toward skirting the rules of ethics related to psychotherapy, were to be in a position of power, what would they do? Could they harm us in some way?