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Oceans of Blessings. Touch the Life of a Cancer Patient

Buy a Blessings Bag and share natural skincare and cosmetics with a cancer patient. Oceans of Blessings is non-profit that helps you share you love with cancer victims

Opioids. Everything you need to know about America’s Most Lethal Drugs

Opioid overdoses related to illegally manufactured fentanyl (the most powerful of the opioids) represented the greatest contribution to the increasing numbers

Fraudulent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Products

An essential resource from the FDA warning people about Covid-19 Scams and fake treatments. Over 139 products listed.

What are Vitamins and What Role do They Play in Your Health?

Learn about vitamins, what they help for, how they work and what they can and cannot do. Find out which pills are a waste of money and why.